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October 18, 2017

OSHA 101 (a basic introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Back by popular demand! Note the morning session.

Seminar — Wednesday October 18th from 8:30–10:30am
refreshments will be provided

After this brief seminar you will be able to:

  • Explain why OSHA is important to workers
  • Explain worker rights under OSHA
  • Discuss employer responsibilities under OSHA
  • Discuss the use of OSHA standards
  • Explain how OSHA inspections are conducted
  • Utilize pertinent worker safety and health resources

In this fast-paced presentation by Tom Barnowski, with lecture, audiovisuals, and discussion, you will achieve a solid orientation about OSHA and general workplace safety. You will get a quick history of OSHA, tour the website, and learn all about worker and employer rights and responsibilities, regulations, inspection procedures, and lots of examples of typical safety and health hazards in the general workplace.

Werner & Co. is especially pleased to cosponsor this presentation with the Center for Business & Industry (CBI) at Northampton Community College. CBI is a powerful resource network whose expert teams design and deliver specialized training and strategic solutions that improve performance, productivity and profits. Mr. Barnowski will also have available additional information about CBI resources.

This a great opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of OSHA and workplace safety, which is important to all of us. You will not be disappointed. Join us.

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